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IOTA Checking

An account designed for the unique needs of law firms.  It is maintained in compliance with the IOTA program of the Florida Bar and interest earned is paid directly to the Florida Bar.

As a community bank, you can trust when you bank with us we will treat your accounts with the same attention and care we do our own. Interest earned on your IOTA Checking Account will be automatically paid to The Florida Bar Foundation. For your convenience, we have six convenient branch locations throughout Pinellas and Pasco counties.

Your business is highly valued, and we welcome the opportunity to serve your IOTA account needs. Please contact your local Flagship Bank branch to learn more.

Please contact your local branch to open your IOTA Checking Account today!

(727) 451-2020

(727) 333-9601

(813) 925-8000

St. Petersburg
(727) 256-8669

Tarpon Springs
(727) 935-1124

West Pasco
(727) 626-4680

For everything you need to know about IOTA, visit The Florida Bar Foundation at


Escrow Management Account

The Escrow Management Account is a service provided to customers who handle escrow deposits. The handling of escrow deposits for clients can be cumbersome and time consuming. The Flagship Bank Escrow Management Account includes a Master Account with sub–accounts for each new escrow client. We can generate combined statements of all sub-account activity each month. The statement provides account transaction history and reflects up-to-date account balances and interest information.

Flagship Bank will handle disbursements from the account, closing the accounts and generating 1099’s for each sub account in addition to handling the IRS reporting.

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Estate Accounts

The death of a loved one is a shattering experience. Legal and financial matters may be the last thing on your clients mind.

Flagship Bank can help relieve the hassles of establishing an Estate Account. We provide you:

  • Personal Representative information sheet
  • Signature Cards
  • Starter Checks

It is easy as gathering the information right at your office and sending it to the bank .